Services provided at Accent Architecture

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Accent Architecture provides a wide variety of services from high rise buildings to developments, residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, one family & multi family homes, houses of worship, restaurants, offices, retail and so much more. 

Our services don't just stop at providing basic Architectural services, we provide legalizations, ECB & DOB violation removal & representation, letters of no objection, permits, certificate of occupancy, letter of correction, letter of completion, certification letter, construction observation & inspections, Code compliance inspections, Structural design, drywell & storm water design, retaining walls, pile foundation design, electrical plans, mechanical plans,house raising, ICC letters & 6100 forms, back flow prevention, home inspections, building inspections, expert witness testimony, variance hearings, architectural review board hearings, historic district hearings, construction bidding services, interior design, renderings, computer generated plans and more.